Ebony and Jacob: A Wedding of Tradition


Ebony and Jacob: A Wedding of Tradition and Coming Together 

I can vividly recall the moment, when my phone rang, and an unknown number flashed on the screen of my car.

At the time, I was parked atop the highest point of Boat Harbour, my local town. 

To the left, the vast expanse of the ocean stretched out before me, and straight ahead, as far as my eyes could reach, there were endless trees.

Honestly, I can’t quite remember why I found myself up there on that particular day. Perhaps it was fate, setting the scene for the extraordinary conversation that would unfold in the next 15 minutes. 

On the other end of the line, was Ebony and she had reached out to inquire about my services as a celebrant.

She began explaining, with so much excitement, that her and her partner Jacob were very passionate about having a Sand Smoking Ceremony at their wedding. 

Ebony was wanting to know if this is something that I would be open to.

I instantly had tears in my eyes and a full body of goosebumps. 


I had been eagerly anticipating the day when one of my couples would propose incorporating an Indigenous Smoking Ceremony to their ceremony. 

Ebony’s indigenous heritage had a profound significance in her life. It was a strong piece of her identity that carried immeasurable weight and meaning. 

It was with this deep-rooted bond that bought Justin, a wise and revered Aboriginal elder, into their sacred circle. 

At the commencement of the ceremony, I had the honour of introducing Justin to the gathered guests. 

He then explained to everyone, the meaning and importance of all of us coming together as one. As a united front. 

He extended the invitation for all to partake in a traditional smoking ceremony. 

A smoking ceremony is a sacred ritual deeply ingrained in Aboriginal culture. It is a symbolic act of cleansing, a means of purifying the surroundings and welcoming positive energies. A selection of native plants, often including eucalyptus leaves, are gently set ablaze, allowing the fragrant smoke to rise and envelop those present. This cleansing ritual serves as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, a moment of unity with the land and its ancient custodians. 

In that sacred moment, Ebony and Jacob’s union was not only witnessed by those lucky enough to be present, but also by the land, the ancestors, and the spirits that watched over them.

The 22nd of April, 2023 will be etched into my heart for a very long time.