Kirstin and Jackson: The Surprise Elopement 


Kirstin and Jackson: The Surprise Elopement 

On the 22.2.22, I was gearing up to marry my fourth couple for the day.

After all, why wouldn’t you get married on a once in a lifetime date? Plus, it meant that Jackson would never forget an anniversary again. Happy wife, happy life. 

If you are contemplating surprising your family and friends with a wedding, this will certainly help you come to the best conclusion. 


Kirstin and Jackson had decided not to tell a soul that they had planned to tie the knot in Boat Harbour, Port Stephens.

Instead, they told their parents, grandparents, and siblings that they were having a family photoshoot and invited them along to join.

As they pulled up in the distance, we had front row seats to watch their reactions as they pieced together what was about to unfold. 

Sometimes the most powerful moments are captured in images, each frame telling a story from that day.

They speak louder than words ever could, so sit back and enjoy the wonderful work from yours truly, Alexandria Warden Photography. 

You can thank me all later!