The Grooms Entrance: The Attention it Deserves


The Grooms Entrance: The Attention it Deserves

So, it’s about time that we give the Grooms Entrance the attention that it deserves.

After all, a wedding is a celebration for both of you, and your entrance should totally reflect that.

Picture this as a groom, you and your mates making your way down the aisle, with cheers and applause surrounding you. 

It’s fun, its candid, it makes for a great photo, and I believe that it should be happening more often.

Do not worry, when we catch up to plan your wedding I will remind you of all the incredible reasons why I think that you should consider doing this, although for now, enjoy these photos from Amy and Matts wedding.

They took it one step further, and Matt invited all of his family along to walk down the aisle with him. 

It was emotional, it was fun and he got to walk in, with his son, his nan and his favourite sister in law (myself) by his side (as well as the rest of the fam of course).